These are brief details of the dogs that we currently have for adoption. For full information on all of the dogs that we currently have for adoption, please visit my Facebook page or email me

To see our success stories, dogs that have already found their forever homes, click here

Please click the 112 Carlota Galgos/Chrissy Mckellar photography link below to be welcomed into and see more of the Galgos that we reach and their stories. We endeavour to place in their souls the magic of the finca and individual care. Here they become complete once again, and live for the first time in their lives until their very own forevers find them. "Enjoy!"

Prince: Rescued a few days before death reached him. In appalling conditions, extreme malnourishment, clinging to life. A galgo who had been starved and abandoned. Rejected from his galguero. Sweet and caring, with a "helicopter tail" which greets you in happiness, he is recovering slowly.
Gracious and affectionate, a miracle of life just waiting to share his with you. Truly something he never knew before. A sad story.
A Young galgo, but stating 4 years in his Passport. Vaccinated,
to be castrated. Negative Filaria, Erlichea; Positive Leishmania.

This is a galgo who is grateful of life and will love you forever! An angel!
Leo: A cream galgo who is stunning. He lives in the horror of his past still and is in rehabilitation.
A gentle soul, and piercing eyes which tell a story of the hell where he has been.
In time he will be ready for adoption. In Rehabilitation

If you are interested in adopting one of our dogs, please download, print and complete the adoption form then scan and email it to us at or please phone 659 00 61 07 for more information.

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Our success stories, dogs that have found their forever homes

Zoe: A petit galga left for dead. Exhausted and weak. Rescued and rested she sees life through new eyes. But needs a forever home.
A delicate flower who needs care and patience.. she will blossom by your side.
Eyes to melt into and to be your best friend.. she will love you forever.
1 year old
Negative Leishmania, erlichea, filaria. Vaccinated, Sterilised.
Star: A Galgo as soft to touch as silk. A nature to match!
Rescued from certain death in dreadful condition. A galgo who still needs work to understand men won't hurt, a sure friend. Great on the lead. Good with other dogs.
Negative Erlichea, Filaria, positive Leishmania (treated)
Approx. 3 to 4 years old.

Can you love this very special Galgo?
ADOPTED!!! Greyhound Rescue Belgium
Sam & Sallie: Sam and Sallie are siblings who were left in darkness, forgotten about. And then thrown over the fence of a refuge.
Found in very bad condition, they have recuperated and are looking for a home together forever.
7 months old. Negative Leishmania, Erlichea, Filaria. Vaccinated, Chip, Sterilised.
These two siblings have been through so much, please don't separate them.. they want to stay together forever! Can you love them?
Vida: A stunning gentle serene galga, colour blue. Rescued from her galguero who no longer wanted her. Sweet as sugar, and learning a new life.
Being prepared for adoption. Negative Leishmania, Erlichea, Filaria.
5 years old. Not apt with cats.
Good with other dogs.
Good on the lead.
A gentle soul looking for new life. She's waiting for you!
Suri: A rescued galga from a marginal village where she had been knocked down. She now spends her days playing. She is a greatful galga, and so adorable. Balanced and loving.
Approx. age 3
Negative Leishmania, erlichea, filaria. Vaccinated, sterilised, chip, passport.
She's waiting for you!
ADOPTED!!! Greyhounds Belgium
Odie: Rescued from a death date, and yet in a happy mind frame. An unusual rescue of a galgo in this frame of mind! Grateful of life! Happy go lucky and sooo ready for a family.
Good with children. Walks well on the lead. A boisterous boy learning life in the good lane.
2 years old. Vaccinated. Negative Leishmania,Filaria, Erlichea.
Castrated. Chip. Passport.

He needs you, a galgo to have fun with and enjoy life with!
Sol: An elderly galgo, around 9 years old. Rescued from being sacrificed.
A sad soul who needs special love.
Vaccinated. Castrated. Chip, passport.
Negative Erlichea, filaria. Positive Leishmania.
He needs someone special!
Spirit: A young Galgo who was abandoned and been shot. Victim of the end of the hunting season, but didn't give up. He took himself to a police academy and was there rescued.
Sweet, obedient, good on the lead, good with cats, children and dogs. Clean in the house, playful yet tranquil. A real blessing of a Galgo!
1 year old. Tests being confirmed.
Castrated. Vaccinated. Chip and passport.
ADOPTED!! Greyhound Rescue Belgium
Mozart: A young galgo approx. 1 half year old. Found abandoned in a dry river bed. Given up, and lonely.
A grey brindle with lots of fun to give. Ready to live and love and make stunning music with his family. Don't leave him waiting long!
Negative Leishmania, erlichea, filaria.
Vaccinated, passport, chip. Castrated. ADOPTED!!
Tigra: A small lil galga, malnourished and abandoned. Thrown over the fence of a friends refuge. Weighing in at just 8.8 kilos she is in recovery.
Approx. 1 1/2 years old.
Negative Leishmania, Erlichea, Filaria. Vaccinated, passport, chip, sterilised.
A very needy girl!
Harley: a slender galgo who decided abandonment was too much. Took it in his stride when he approached his rescuer. Only for her to find a horrendously damaged eye. Probaly the result of a pellet from a shot.  A galgo so thin and covered in ticks and fleas. He now is enjoying life with his eye operated on to close it so as to reduce infection. He is blind in this eye. There is no cure. Still tender as it's early days for him.
Gentle, caring and learning to play. An adorable galgo. Approx. 2 years.
Negative leishmania, erlichea,filaria
Vaccinated, Castrated, chip and Passport.
A pleasure to look after. He needs that special person! Is that you?
Sugar: A sweet petite galga, used and abused for breeding. On complying with her galgueros needs, he then dumped her over the fence of a refuge for later someone else to come and rob, a şad state of affairs. This lil girl is as sweet as sugar. Quiet and gentle.
Young and learning life is ok.
Sterilised and freed from being a machine for breeding.
Negative leishmania, Erlichea, filaria. Vaccinated. Chip, passport.

All sweetness, a real sugar lump!

Leo's baby: This is Leo's baby who is 5 months old. He is being prepared for adoption and needs his very own family. It's a very special story which heart renders and yet the result....stunning.
Great character, very playful! Good with other dogs
Vaccinated and being prepared.
He is waiting for you...ADOPTED!!
Trueno: Black-grey Lurcher approx 5 years old. Once rescued off the streets of Sevilla, adopted but now needing another home.
Castrated, vaccinated, chipped, negative in Leishmania, Erlichia, Filaria. Cannot live with cats.
Scarlet: An elderly podenca who came to us from being abused on the streets. She was badly treated and had an old fractured break on her back leg. This healed itself.
She was subjected to life alone and abuse. She took a long time to find herself, but now she  is everyones girl! She adores playing and gathering balls!
She is very loving, and needs a quiet home. Obedient. Approx. 9 years old.
Vaccinated, Sterilised, Negative Leishmania, Erlichea, Filaria. Chip/Passport.
If ya like playing catch with the tennis ball... she's ya girl!

Ana: Young Podenca, approx 1 yr.
Life let her down to abandonment and she has had to have a broken leg amputated. Negative Leishmania, Filaria, Erlichea. Vaccinated, sterilised. Ana needs her forever home, someone who will understand and offer her a new life. ARE YOU THAT PERSON WHO CAN SHOW HER LOVE? ADOPTED!!
Mora: An incredibly sweet galga, rescued from a galguero.
Clearly no longer needed as she has reached an incredible 8 years approx. Very caring and tranquil.
Walks well on the lead. Good with other dogs and children.
An incredible galga!
Negative leishmania, erlichea, filaria
Vaccinated, passport, chip,
This is a galga to adore!
Carly: A galga with rough hair in places, and smooth in others. Rescued from death row she came to us to find her forever.
Carly has been pulled around via her neck and dragged somewhat as she tenses through the neck and initially backfires when pulled. These issues are improving via massage teaching her to relax and trust. She has fairly dominant character but not aggressive. She has hungered for food and this is shown in her behaviour at meal times. She walks well on the lead and needs her forever. Someone to spend time with her, teach her she is the only one, the real love, the real delight and that her forever is here! Sweet and looks for a caring hand, she now likes to be hugged and cuddled. Obedient and clever. An angel!

Approx 5 yrs old. Negative Leishmania, erlichea filaria.
Sterilised, chip, vaccinated.
Dont pass her up, look in her eyes and feel her soul. She's waiting!
Dover: A very very sweet galgo, rescued and found himself at the door of a clinic. Soft and affectionate, simply looks for your caress. Young and balanced.

Castrated. Negative leishmania, erlichea, filaria. Vaccination. Chip.

Walks well on the lead, great with other dogs and loves children.
Chrissy: A clever galga who chose to be rescued. While a dog travel company had parked up in a rest area to close his eyes for 5 minutes, he heard scratching at the window of the van. He looked and saw the prettiest galga standing. He opened the window saying "hey there, ya want to come in" carefully opened the door, and she jumped in. An incredible story of her saying no to abandonment. It's from here we were contacted and she came to us for care.
Very young, incredibly soft to touch!
Struggling with separation anxiety momentarily.
Friendly, loves to be by your side.
Good on the lead and with children and other dogs.
Negative leishmania, erlichea, filaria. Sterilised. Vaccinated and chip.
A galga who would be a pleasure to love! Rest in Peace
Eternity: A sweet galga, approx 3 years old, colour Ash. Clearly been badly hurt as she wears the scar around her neck of damaged times.
Life looks up for her now as we rescued her from a death date.
Still scared but blossoming like the flowers she stands in. Freedom here calls.
Negative Leishmania, Erlichea, Filaria, Moquillo. Vaccinated. Sterilised. Chip.
Maika: Family sibling to Elsa.
10 years old. Vaccinated, chip, sterilised, passport, tests being completed. Maika has an infected mouth at the moment so being treated before dental work begins.
It's not easy being a pensioner and needing a home, like Elsa she was rescued 7 years ago, only to be in adoption again for her later years.
Can you love her like she needs? Better, with Elsa as well? They are waiting. ADOPTED!!
Clio: A humble galgo rescued from the streets. Sweet and soft and grateful. Age approx. 4 years
Vaccinated, Negative leishmania, erlichea, filaria. Castrated, chipped.

Elvira (Eli): A sleek galga rescued off the streets. Abandoned to malnourishment and starvation.
Approx 2 years old.
Negative Leishmania, Erlichea,Filaria
Vaccinated, sterilised, chip.
The lil galga is stunning. Rescued with signs of pellet damage, a big heart and just learning love.
Can you give her your heart? ADOPTED!!
Elsa: 10 years old. Timid and had a life changing event. Rescued at 3, lived in a home but through crisis brought change and Elsa joins 112 Carlota Galgos looking for a forever home for retirement.
She's lively, timid, and is having tests completed.
A true lost soul, looking for love. But will you find her?
ADOPTED!! Finland
Sara: A tiny Podenca of 8 kilos.
Sweet and loving. 1 year old.
Vaccinated, chip, passport, sterilised.
An experienced home required.
Princess: A 3 year old Whippet, sister to Flor. Rescued from the perrera.
So incredibly sweet and loving, held in arms being cuddled is where she is happy.
Negative Leishmania, Erlichea, Filaria
Vaccinated. Chip, passport.
If you think of Princess and her sister, adopt them both. Together, forever! ADOPTED!!
Apolo: 2 years old approx. A small, special Podenco. He has suffered tremendously at the hands of a hunter. Beaten and left.
A galgueros loss is by far our gain, this little Podenco came in fear but gaining trust and needs time. He loves to be caressed and is only just learning no-one will hurt him.
Negative heart worm, tick fever and Flebotomo mosquito.
Vaccinated, chipped, castrated.
He needs a forever home, someone who will make it alright for him, forever.
Can you offer this special boy your love and show him a world he has never known. HE IS WAITING FOR YOU! ADOPTED!!
Flor: A delicate whippet. Approx 3 years old. Rescued with a broken toe, under evaluation.
Thin and weak but now learning love. Very affectionate. A true survivor.
Negative leishmania, erlichea, filaria.
Vaccinated, Chip.
Good with dogs. Small enough to sit on your knee! ADOPTED!!
Baby Jessica: 8 weeks old. Jessica was found abandoned in a block of apartments which also were abandoned. Dropped into the grounds area she sat on a step. Crying... Rescued she is safe. Safe to have a life which she was born to have.
Still too small for adoption, but she will be with case you have your heart looking for a galga pup. A miracle she lived.ADOPTED!! USA
Ginny: 3 years of age. A brindle beauty of a Galga but unrecognised...rescued from death.
Sterilised. Vaccinated. Chip.
Positive Leishmania, filaria treated, erlichea negative.
Came to 112carlotagalgos in shocking condition, very ill, now learning to live, having got through crucial treatment, she is a fighter and a winner. ADOPTED!!
Lady: Approx. 6 years old.
Negative Leishmania, Erlichea, filaria, babesia. Vaccinated, chip, passport.
A very sweet and affectionate galga, once found as a skeleton in the a picture of beauty. Playful, great with children, dogs, cats. She is quiet, and docile. Elegant and poised..can you love her forever, can you make her the home a true Lady needs.
Chloe: A cross breed of Podenca, and german shepherd. Her mama is our podenca Ana!
She is 8 months old and in need of a loving home & patience.
Negative in Leishmania, Erlichea,
Vaccinated. Sterilised. Passport/chip. Chloe, she needs you. A special case - a rescued family, all adopted but Chloe. She awaits you. CAN YOU GIVE HER THE LOVE SHE NEEDS? ADOPTED!!
Lily: Rescued from abandonment, such a beauty of a Galga. 2 1/2 years old.
Amazingly friendly after such a life.
Tests being completed. Vaccinated, chip, sterilised.
Victoria: A petite brindle Galga, with a huge heart, approx. 2- 3 years old
Negative Leishmania Filaria, treated for Erlichea. Ssterilised, chip, vaccinated.
Victoria came from the hands of war and had wounds on her back to show such grief. She is gracious, and giving, loving and sweet. Dainty and adorable. So easy to love, in so many ways. Her days of war are over, .. but can you offer Victorious Victoria a love which can last for eterinty? SHE'S WAITING FOR YOU!

Baldo: Just 6 months of age, and rescued from abandonment.
Vaccinated, chip, negative Leishmania, Erlichea, Filaria.
To be castrated.
A gorgous boy with a lifetime to offer love... CAN YOU LOVE HIM?
ADOPTED!! Greyhounds Rescue Belgium
Pirata: A young galgo of one year.
Rescued in poor condition and now beginning to be just what he is, a young stunning galgo.
Tests being completed.
Vaccinated, chip. Castrated.
Playful, and loving. Grateful to be safe! CAN YOU LOVE HIM?

Marci: 5 years old approx. A down and out "used" galga who was abandoned and has a sad history, the scar to show with her chip having been cut out. She has rested since being with us, and is slowly coming round to understanding there's no more pain.
She is a stunning Galga with long hair, lebril type. Gentle, soft and very loving.
Sterilised, vaccinated, chipped, negative in Flebotomo mosquito, heart worm and tick fever.
Marci needs love, and attention, a quiet life to recover from her abuse. She would be happy by your side, to be your best friend forever. DON'T LET HER DOWN, SHE'S WAITED ALL HER LIFE. ADOPTED!!

Polyana: 2 years old. Rescued from abandonment, came in very thin and lost faith in people. Aching inside in fear, she's come to the right place for healing. Negative leishmania, erlichea, filaria. Sterilised.
Rey: 7 years old. Rey was rescued in skeletal state. His scars show the war he went through. A wire haired Galgo, needing retirement, recovery, and a forever home. Not suitable to live with small dogs and cats. Negative leishmania, erlichea, filaria. Vaccinated.ADOPTED!!
Gandalf: A stunning black galgo x podenco. 5 years old.
Negative Leishmania, Filaria, Erlichea. Castrated, vaccinated, chipped.
Gandalf has been waiting all his life for someone to call his own, he is in care but so wants a family of his own. He still shows signs of fear, but in a home environment he would improve and love you completely.
PLEASE consider Gandalf, he needs you! ADOPTED!!
Halo: A big, black galgo with a white snip on his nose. Approx 2 years old
Negative Leishmania, Filaria, Erlichea.
Very calm and has sad eyes.
Chipped, vaccinated.
Halo, like an Angel wears a Halo, this Galgo oozes grace and will protect and love you, as an Angel does. Halo, he is waiting for you.
Lucy: podenca approx 2 years old
Details to be completed.
Weighs only 7kgs. She is like a little dolly. ADOPTED - Holland
Canela: A brown and white podenca.
2 years old approx.
sterlised, vaccinated, negative Leishmania, Filaria, Erlichea.
Mariposa: A brown brindle with loving eyes. 3 years old.
Quite dominant with other dogs as newly rescued. Playful and unaware of her half tail.
Negative Leishmania, Filaria Erlichea. Vaccinated, Chipped, to be sterilised.
She's waiting for you!
ADOPTED - Málaga
Bruno: A striking big beige galgo. approx 2 years old.
Gentle and calm. Very loving. Walks well on lead.
Negative Leishmania, Erlichea Filaria.
Castrated, vaccinated, chipped.
Diana: A beige Brindle galga with white nose, 4 years old. Gentle and tranquil.
Negative Leishmania, Erlichea, Filaria. Vaccinated, chipped.
Very graceful and delicate Galga. Needs a quiet home. Diana has a heart murmur and needs slow walks, and lots of sofa time! In return, she will offer eternal love. ADOPTED!!
Greta: A tall long brindle galga with white nose. Stunning!
Gentle and kind. She has come a long way from the hell she knew.
Negative Leishmania, Filaria, Erlichea
Vaccinated, chipped, sterilised.
Henrietta: Beagle x Bodeguera.
18 months old.
Affectionate and playful.
Negative Leishmania, Filaria, Erlichea.
Vaccinated, chipped, sterilised.
Needs a home with space and understanding. ADOPTED!!
Wolf: Galgo x German Shepherd type.
9 months old. Negative Leishmania, Filaria, Erlichea.
Vaccinated, chipped, sterilised.
A playful puppy who is atentive and needs your love.
Taz: Galgo x German Shepherd type. Brother to Wolf. 9 months old.
Negative Leishmania, Filaria, Erlichea. Vaccinated, chipped.
Rescued with his brother from a drain living with his galga mother and siblings. Safe now, he and Wolf need a home to grow up in and around love.
Angela: A beige podenca. Approx 2-3 years old.
Very calm & affectionate.
Negative Leishmania, Filaria, Erlichea.
Vaccinated, chipped, sterilised.
She's waiting patiently for her forever home. ADOPTED!!

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