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How you can help us to help the Galgos

There are many ways in which you can either help the Galgos or help us to help the Galgos.

Firstly an adoption is the biggest gift of life you can offer. It gives a new life in stability and love which is forever. Also fostering – if you prefer to be a bridge for the Galgos until they reach their forevers.

Financial help is amazing, it gives us respite in our concerns which are daily, outstanding vet bills which soar, help to buy good food, this is primary for the first thing which enters into a Galgo should be good food. We have many economic pressures in the rescue of Galgos, many come in wounded, injured and need help. Economic help allows us to continue paying for their care and attention. Without kind help, we can no longer continue.

Publicity – if you work in public relations, this gives us the chance to promote the work which we do and share the plight of the Galgos with many, many who still are unaware of this abusive and distressing problem in Spain. Interviews such as radio, television and newspaper articles are great opportunities for the Galgos.

Word of mouth – this is powerful for it’s here that if you tell many a person all about the plight and just how gentle a Galgo is, it invites change. While you may be unable to adopt, someone you are telling may!

Sewing coats – Galgos feel the cold. If you sew then we would love to hear from you.

Life Line Parents


Sponsor a galgoYou can choose between 3 different amounts when you sponsor a galgo 30 Euros a month for a full sponsorship, 15 Euros for half, and 7.50 Euros for a quarter sponsorship. Lifelines can be paid via Paypal to, using the Goods and Services option. This does not incur any charges.
It is possible to set up a recurring payment. If you wish to set this up please choose the option bellow on the Paypal button. Contact us, if you need any help or further information.

The average cost to bring in a galgo to a rescue is 3-400 Euros. This includes: Release fee – if the galgo is in a killing station or municipal pound, Transport, Vet assessment, Bloodtests, Vaccinations, Chip, Passport, Castration. This is for a healthy galgo.
Furthermore, there is also food and daily care. For that reason most galgos will have more than one Lifeline Parent, we hope you understand. Thank you for your help for the galgos – for being their LIFELINE.

Become a Life Line Parent


For more information on the sponsor scheme, please don’t hesitate to contact Charlotte,

Sponsor a galgo


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112 Carlota Galgos began with stables where we housed the galgos which were rescued and traumertised. Rehabilitating them and rehoming led us to opening our own centre, Finca 112 Carlota Galgos.
This is where the Galgos reside in the Orchard Groves, and each have Little bungalow bays, where approximately 5 sleep together.
It is a place of restauration and respite for all who come to the finca. Rehabilitation and education are key to 112 Carlota Galgos.
Each galgo is individually assessed and worked with according to their needs, be it physically from multiple fractures, or body and spirit, many times its all 3. Theres no hurry here, each leave us in adoption when they are healed and ready. At  present we are challenged with a new move to another Finca, where the galgos will continue their restauration in the new sanctuary grounds of the orchard groves.

To find out more about our move please follow the link :- (

The 112carlotagalgos stables are warm and cosy, where each galgo/podenco has its own bed, blankets, and jackets on for the colder days and nights. However, they also love to snuggle too – snuggling up in pairs and even three in a bed at times! Each dog is walked at least twice daily and there is room for play in the stables as they mix socially.

There is also an isolation stable where a new hound will spend a couple of days whilst they are tested and their health evaluated, before they are introduced to ‘the gang’.

If you can collect blankets, bowls, beds, kennels, please write to us we would love to hear from you.
Fundraisers, we would be very grateful for help in this area also.

Any fresh ideas, we are always grateful for.

We need help to help the Galgos, and the Galgos need you!

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You can also help directly by making a donation either by PayPal or Bank transfer – full details can be found on the Events/Fundraising page

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