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Sponsor a galgoYou can choose between 3 different amounts when you sponsor a galgo 30 Euros a month for a full sponsorship, 15 Euros for half, and 7.50 Euros for a quarter sponsorship. Lifelines can be paid via Paypal to, using the Goods and Services option. This does not incur any charges.
It is possible to set up a recurring payment. If you wish to set this up please choose the option bellow on the Paypal button. Contact us, if you need any help or further information.

The average cost to bring a galgo to rescue it costs 300-400 Euros. This includes: Release fee – if the galgo is in a killing station or municipal pound, Transport, Vet assessment, Bloodtests, Vaccinations, Chip, Passport, Castration. This is for a healthy galgo.
Furthermore, there is also food and daily care. For that reason most galgos will have more than one Lifeline Parent, we hope you understand. Thank you for your help for the galgos – for being their LIFELINE.


Or You can make a donation with your credit/debit card using PayPal or by Bank transfer:

La Caixa: Account number 2100 2582 5102 1015 2696
(IBAN: ES68 2100 2582 5102 1015 2696; BIC: CAIXESBBXXX)
Account name: 112 Carlota Galgos


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About the Lifeline Parents work

Dog walk
The Galgos live in beautiful wooden cabins where they are warm and cosy where each Galgo/Podenca has there own bed . They all have blankets and cooler weather they have warm fleece coats. However they do love to snuggle up to each other sometimes in pairs and at times three together.



Each cabin has its own garden area where they can see what is going on and for excercise they can run,play,relax and spend time together in the Orchard. They are also taken out for walks around the local area of the Sanctuary.


There is also a Garden Bay where dogs that need more time to adjust have a tranquil place to spend time relaxing.
Another cabin is the Quarintine Bay where dogs that need medical care are kept in here until they are well enough to be moved into the main Orchard.

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