Aisling (Adopted)

DOB 30/10/19

· Anaplasma – Negative
· Leishmania – Negative
· Ehrilichia Canis – Negative
· Dirofilaria Immitis – Negative

This is a girl whose quite independent but likes to play. She is happy in her own company and in the company of others. She can be a lil in need of patience at times but she’s young and learning. She’s also had to deal with the fact she has one foreleg a lil longer than the other. She’s a lovely girl, sweet and kind. She isn’t a girl whose going to be up for long walks due to her leg. There are some days it’s far more noticeable than others. She has good extension and movement and expresses no pain. This we believe is a congenital issue. She’s a friendly girl with a young pack she’s fading into the back ground and so it’s here I bring her forward and am happy to say she’s ready for her forever.
Aisling for adoption.

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