Date of birth in his passport is 25/12/18.

Anzan is a breathtaking beautiful boy who is quite potent in his character. It’s pretty clear to see he’s a strong boy whose served his purpose well to a galguero but equally grown into his personality as he is today.

However there’s an element of Anzan which he has to work through and this potency shines through in the form of him insisting on holding his own, rising to the occasion but not knowing what to do with this except challenge someone else. He is a classic fence Barker and on guard consistently.

A galgo who has most likely had a the rub of a fence to run up and down and call attention to himself to make himself known.. harsh and stand offish he makes himself. And this energy is far less than peaceful and an energy he really doesn’t need to have. This job he has to loosen his guard and know there’s no need to take this on anymore. To teach this is tricky for being careful and clear is paramount but the main objective is he learns to let go and allow a peace within to reign.
Anzan came from Madrid. He is with us since February 9 2022, but due to lack of space at the finca he went to Residency for a while.

He was tested negative on Erlichea, Anaplasma, Filaria, Leishmania and Babesia.

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