Dob 18/10/17

A simple name for a spirit, which means Butterfly. For the spirit of life has kept this boy going and his future is safe. Like the lightweight hands of time as a butterfly flaps their wings in whichever colour of beauty they are, they grace us with a visit from angelic realms.

This boy will become well and truly whole and fly like a butterfly, be as light as a feather, and live a life full to the brim of an everlasting love.
We welcome you all. Every one of you into our hearts, lives and love. And love never fails.

Aponi came to us February 17 2022, but due to lack of space at the finca he was brought to Residency. He was tested negative on Erlichea, Anaplasma, Filara and Leishmania. The result of the Babesia test will follow soon.

Contact for more info : comdelrio@hotmail.com