Introducing Kezia. Whose meaning is cinammon. Rich is colour and sweet. This older girl will learn the sweetness life has to offer now. The rest in the sunshine and richness of the rays warming her back with nothing to ask of her but to simply be.

Welcome Aboard the 112cg finca family Kezia. Kezia came to us April 10 2022. She tested negative on Erlichea, Anaplasma, Filaria, Leishmania and Babesia. Date of birth 23/02/16. 11/04/22 We were called to Residency for an emergency. Kezia was in labour… So Kezia has 2 babies. We’ve x-rayed her and there’s no more. She has One male one female.

The bigger being the female and I’m pretty certain the father is Tasi. He went crazy as we took Kezia away. As far as I understand it they’ve been together. It’s not rocket science! There’s a strong connection between the 2. How do I feel about this? How will we cope? Well like always one foot Infront of the other and keep going.

I guessed at some point in time this would, could, happen. I try very hard not to take pregnant females because I don’t believe in having more life where there is so much destruction and so many in need. Other groups do so well with babies and have the means to do so. We do not have a bay for maternity. Having said that, she has her babies and there an element of satisfaction in this to her galguero.

While we know they all lie, it’s highly possible this time he said the truth. Because I did ask when I saw her milk. I was told her last babies were Morgan and Araceli. Well sr. galguero you didn’t get these babies. She waited. She had them on a comfortable bed. And is in the safety of protection.

Where noone will remove them. Where she can nurse them and be a mama without fear. She deserves the last laugh. So for me there’s satisfaction in that. There’s also satisfaction in seeing her pureove for these weeny souls that only a mama knows how to give. And there’s always joy in seeing babies.

This to a degree is a nicer side to the plight where she got away just in the nick of time to have the last say. I salute her for that! A clever girl she is. Welcome babies to a life you will only ever know as an everlasting love. Born into love. Care. And attention. Mama Kezia congratulations.

They’re beautiful. Me… You may ask. You may find me running around the field losing the plot … 🙄😊😊😊😊 But that’s ok… Someone will round me up and say it’s all going to be ok.

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