Date of birth in her passport is 01/05/18.

I have christened this beautiful fluffy girl Leona. In honour of a mama of 2 of our galgos Leone Benneker.
Leona means the form of lioness. This girl has a heart which needs to shine, but the strength of a lioness to have pulled through all she has.
She’s stoic, strong, and breathtaking. She will become whole again. My promise to her is here… She will be loved cherished and not foresaken. And she will find a peace within unlike never before.
Welcome Leona.

Leona came from Madrid. She is with us since February 9 2022.
She was tested negative on Erlichea, Anaplasma, Filaria, Leishmania and Babesia.

Contact for more info : comdelrio@hotmail.com