Soft and sweet, like the Swiss chocolate. This blue beauty is a young boy. And wow has he blossomed.
He came, on the edge. Spooked and unsure being everywhere and nowhere all at the same time. Being still was so not an option for Lindor. Until just he and I began some small connecting work sessions which in truth reduced me to tears. The water streamed eyes with no real reason but feeling the release I needed from him.
To date he’s fun loving. Happy. A fish for sure. He LOVES the water. He’s playful. Social and not a bad bone in his body. He’s a giddy kipper. Sweet as sugar… Well Lindor.
He’s divine.
Lindor is for adoption. Ready for unwrapping your transportine in his journey to his forever? A great first time galgo. ( with a lil grey) .. fluffety tuffety ..
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