DOB 25/03/19

Marble and chicken…
A fun loving boy with a golden heart who has a passion for his 🐔
It’s not something I feel he’s possessive over, it’s someone who he classes as his best friend and companion. While he loves 🐔 and 🐔 makes him happy I’ve no issues in letting him have this attachment. Had he been female I’d wonder if it was maternal, but being male I believe it simply is his best friend and comfort.
Marble came to us in horrific state. Traumatised and raw. Along with his siblings Saorsa and Nefeli. Nefeli also had a passion for 🐸 and went home to his forever earlier.
Marble has had some issues with his neck being handled and so needed more time. He’s a careful boy, can be social and can be independent. He is social to the human hand and all sugar.
Marble and 🐔 are ready for a forever together.
If you can promise a life of protection and uniting with 🐔 and an everlasting love… Then please do ask for Marble.

· Anaplasma – Positive
· Leishmania Negative
· Ehrilichia Canis – Positive
· Dirofilaria Immitis – Negative

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