• Anaplasma – Positive
  • Leishmania Negative
  • Ehrilichia Canis – Negative
  • Dirofilaria Immitis – Negative

Toshi is ready for his forever!
Having said that Toshi has very specific requirements regarding his forever.
Toshi will always need physio massage, you can be shown this as a home bonding session, laser where possible to care for his neck. If it’s possible Swim therapy.
His neck can tighten when not continuing his therapy and causes tenseness.
His walking and shoulder issues come from the damage from his hanging and will be unable to walk for too long due to his lameness which is mechanical. Toshi would like a quiet life. Not specifically any walks because he cannot walk far. . But garden life. Outside life worries Toshi unbelievably so and this I don’t feel will change. So we look for a forever which matches his abilities and zest for the life he has fought for.
Toshi is affectionate but he also can be quite territorial and strong in character.
A quiet life…. Of maybe another dog or not is ample for Toshi. No cats. Nor small small dogs. Nor small children.
Toshi graduates to being ready for adoption. Are you his very special forever?

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