Koa Zeta has constantly been bullied and attacked by the galgos she was living with. She has some wounds, is in season and very very tired. Sadly both girls tested positive to Filaria and will have the weekend resting and begin treatment Monday. An expensive protocol of treatment and a very timely process for them. Quite rightly they cannot head to residency and will remain in the finca clinic resting. For now my eye remains on Zeta and her weakness. Poor poor girls. It just never ends. Zeta came to 112 Carlota Galgos June 24 2022.

She was tested positive for Filaria and will be treated for this. Luckily negative on Erlichea, Anaplasma and Leishmania. Date of birth in her passport is 20/09/17.

Contact for more info : comdelrio@hotmail.com