DOB 06/01/20

· Anaplasma – Negative
· Leishmania – Negative
· Ehrilichia Canis – Negative
· Dirofilaria Immitis – Negative

Fiddler I believe is Asantis brother. They’re identical and United in everyway. Fiddler came and was horrified at life. Hiding his very soul from anyone and everyone and just wanted to crumble up into the wall.
These days while still rather shy he has learnt like Asanti to be super obediant to the call and his name. And is learning new life.
Fiddler will make a wonderful companion and maybe if you’re thinking of 2 members of your family Asanti and Fiddler could go home together ☺️ either of the boys would be happy together and adjust apart.
Fiddler named for fiddler on the roof is a very sweet kind boy. He still needs to gain confidence which he’s working on and doing so so well.

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