DOB 20/07/20

· Anaplasma – Negative
· Leishmania – Negative
· Ehrilichia Canis – Negative
· Dirofilaria immitis – Negative

With a meaning of strength, wise, intuitivity, enchanting, independent, and a promise.
This sweet lil girl is beautiful a lil shy and yet to find herself. But she will in time find strength within herself, wisdom to to become independent and an everlasting love.
Sabella came to us 18/08/21 together with Jaguar, her Mama Queen and her sister Astara. Due to a lack of space at the finca, all 4 will stay in Residency for a while. Sabella was tested negative on Leishmania, Erlichea, Anaplasma and Filaria.
Date of birth in her passport is 20/07/20

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