DOB 23/02/20

· Anaplasma – Negative
· Leishmania – Negative
· Ehrilichia Canis – Negative
· Dirofilaria Immitis – Negative

I have christened you sweet Boy Boomerang. For you’re spirit is that which I can see clearly and will wing its way around and around and around in so much love to offer. You’re spectacular. Your white is brown but after a few baths you’re going to gleam and shine. You’re a baby at most and for sure since you’re from Oso’s galguero a part of his family for you are identical in every way bar your colour. Your facial expressions fur body.. the same the same.
Boomerang… I’ll be back tomorrow to see you again.
Boomerang came to us August 13 2021, together with Aisling and Vela.
Boomerangs blood was showing anemia and just to be sure we checked it again. However he is negative to Erlichea, Anaplasma, Filaria and Leishmania.
He was however covered in ticks and fleas so this is most likely the reason. Good diet. Rest. Restpite. And no more critters will help restore his health and we will have a close eye on him.

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