DOB 25/03/219

· Anaplasma – Positive
· Leishmania – Negative
· Ehrilichia Canis – Positive
· Dirofilaria Immitis – Negative

Introducing Saorsa ( meaning Freedom!)
What can I say… There’s really no words that can express such trauma before me. Just simply… One day, you will be freed from the chains that bind you, and I’ll be waiting for you every step of the way,.. one day you will be free.
Saorsa came to us March 31 2021, but since the finca is completely full she will stay in Residency for a while, together with Nefeli, Marble, Feather and Nox, who all came from the same local galguero.
On arrival Saorsa was tested positive on Erlichea and Anaplasma, which she has now been treated for. Her date of birth in her passport is 25/03/19.
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