112 Carlota Galgos while in our care eat a very healthy diet of Essential Foods it is a complete diet which suits the galgos beautifully. their diet is called Superior living, and it is highly recommended Ehat when your galgo goes home to their forevers they continue this diet to keep them well and healthy. Essential foods has a superb helpline support, and great service. to purchase and find out if available in your country please click the link below:
112 Carlota Galgos is supported by ESSENTIAL FOODS

A wonderful Horse Riding Experience

For our visitors at 112 Carlotagalgos who love to horse ride or for those who would like to give it a try and experience the noble Spanish horse, you can enjoy the local environment by riding at the local beautiful stables run by Centro Ecuestre Victor Lopez in Alhaurin de la Torre .

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Sponsor a galgo

How you can help us to help the Galgos

There are many ways in which you can either help the Galgos or help us to help the Galgos.

Firstly an adoption is the biggest gift of life you can offer. It gives a new life in stability and love which is forever. Also fostering – if you prefer to be a bridge for the Galgos until they reach their forevers.

Financial help is amazing, it gives us respite in our concerns which are daily, outstanding vet bills which soar, help to buy good food, this is primary for the first thing which enters into a Galgo should be good food. We have many economic pressures in the rescue of Galgos, many come in wounded, injured and need help. Economic help allows us to continue paying for their care and attention. Without kind help, we can no longer continue.

Publicity – if you work in public relations, this gives us the chance to promote the work which we do and share the plight of the Galgos with many, many who still are unaware of this abusive and distressing problem in Spain. Interviews such as radio, television and newspaper articles are great opportunities for the Galgos.

Word of mouth – this is powerful for it’s here that if you tell many a person all about the plight and just how gentle a Galgo is, it invites change. While you may be unable to adopt, someone you are telling may!

Sewing coats – Galgos feel the cold. If you sew then we would love to hear from you.

Sponsor a stable


The association does not yet have its own shelter and the rescued hounds reside in specially adapted large stables to ensure they receive the best care whilst they are nurtured back to health, their broken souls are healed and they are prepared for adoption, with microchips, vaccinations, sterilisation and blood tests.

The 112carlotagalgos stables are warm and cosy, where each galgo/podenco has its own bed, blankets, and jackets on for the colder days and nights. However, they also love to snuggle too – snuggling up in pairs and even three in a bed at times! Each dog is walked at least twice daily and there is room for play in the stables as they mix socially.

There is also an isolation stable where a new hound will spend a couple of days whilst they are tested and their health evaluated, before they are introduced to ‘the gang’.

Why not Sponsor a Stable with 112carlotagalgos – the perfect gift. You can donate any amount from 5 euros/month to 100€ towards the cost of the stable rent and in exchange you will receive regular news about the inmates of the stable and follow their progress till they find their forever families.

If you can collect blankets, bowls, beds, kennels, please write to us we would love to hear from you.
Fundraisers, we would be very grateful for help in this area also.

Any fresh ideas, we are always grateful for.

We need help to help the Galgos, and the Galgos need you!

Holly and Faith at the Vets. Adopted UK
Risa, rescued from Jerez. Adopted France


112 Carlota Galgos is a nonprofit association which works for the protection of the Spanish greyhound, the galgo. We rescue, heal and look for adoptions for galgos in need.


Galgos are used to hunt hares in Spain, and when it is not the hunting season, many wander the streets abandoned. Left to their own luck, galgos have been hanged, dropped in rubbish bins and wells, burnt. Anything to rid the trace of having had a galgo.

Unless the animals are in the hands of an association, they are doomed from birth. From birth they will be picked out good or bad. From two months, hunters will be training them. From one litter often only one may make a hunting dog. Overbreeding leads to mass abandonment of galgos. The number of abandoned dogs reaches way over 50,000.


112 Carlota Galgos was founded in 2006 when I started to publish about the plight of the galgos. Later on we became an association which rescues as many galgos as possible, caring for them on a personal basis and socializing traumatized cases in order to be adopted.9803x

One goal burning inside me is to create an educational center where children will benefit from the love of the galgo, to learn about responsibility and animal welfare.

Along the way we rescue some of the most abused galgos, and rehabilitate them both mentally and physically. Its a process and takes time, until ready homes are found.


Our estate is small, but peaceful. We work as a small team, as a family, with some special helpers. There’s a certain magic about our estate that oozes love. Soul and an ambiance of positivity. In this, I vow to do all I can for this special breed of dog: The Galgos Español!


112 Carlota Galgos is a nonprofit association. The only way for us to continue our work is for kind people to join us… The galgos need you, we need you. Love and soul is by the handful here, empathy and understanding creates change. We can’t do it alone. If you would like to know more about us, or help us in anyway, please contact comdelrio@hotmail.com and dionidelrio@hotmail.com

info@112carlotagalgos.com – 0034 659 006 107 or Dionis 0034 620 218 724

This website is dedicated to every Spanish Galgo who is being tortured as you read this and awaiting the kind hand of courage to come and rescue them.

Every letter I have written, had published and every person I have spoken to about the Galgos, it is in dedication to them. To the associations who work tirelessly to save, mend and further protect Galgos from the cruel hands of the hunter.

Charlotte & Ambo,the Ambasadog for the Galgos!

Please click the 112 Carlota Galgos/Chrissy Mckellar photography link below to be welcomed into and see more of the Galgos that we reach and their stories. We endeavour to place in their souls the magic of the finca and individual care. Here they become complete once again, and live for the first time in their lives until their very own forevers find them. “Enjoy!”

112 Carlota Galgos is a non profit association which works for the protection of the Spanish Galgo. Rescuing, healing and looking for adoptions for the much needy Galgo.

Galgos are used in hunting hares in Spain, and when it is not the season many wander the streets abandoned. Left to their own luck, hanged, dropped in rubbish bins, wells, burnt, anything to rid the trace of having had a Galgo.  Unless in the hands of an association, they are doomed from birth. Hunters from 2 months will be training, and from birth they will be picked out good or bad. From one litter of ten only one MAY make a hunting dog. The rest, surplus to requirements.  Overbreeding leads to mass abandonment of Galgos and these numbers reach way over 50,000. The figures for those not rescued are far in excess of this.

112 Carlota Galgos was founded in 2006 when I started to publish about the plight of the Galgos, later on becoming an association which rescues as many Galgos as possible, caring for them on a personal basis and socialising traumatised cases in order to be adopted. Reaching into peoples hearts and creating more knowledge about the plight. It is drastic and each association is struggling to do their very best for this special breed of dog.

Noel hanged for Christmas rescued by Galgos sin Fronteras
Liberty – Rest in Peace

We are a voluntary organisation and rely entirely on donations and money raised from various fundraising projects. We need your financial help to continue to rescue, care for and find homes for the Galgos. We do not receive any funding from the Government or local authority and all the help we receive is voluntary.

We take in Galgos from across Spain – it does not matter where they come from if they are in need. Many a galgo or podenco comes into care in tragic circumstances, poorly, wounded and skeletal. Aside from injuries which need curing, they at times need more specialist medical treatment such as a limb amputated. Their will to survive is immense and it is our promise to them to heal their wounds and mend their hearts and find a forever home for them. The ultimate goal!

Achieving this is not cheap – stable rent, food, general vet care, it all has a price tag and without donations from kind hearted people, the Galgos would not make it to their ultimate goal.

Details on how to donate by Bank transfer or PayPal can be found on our Fundraising page.

Rescued from a perrera, dumped by his galguero, deemed no good! A fracture in the elbow which is old meant Dante was in so much pain.
We took Dante to offer him a better life, in a way that he can adjust to. He will indeed have special needs, and has since been operated on. This is an attempt to save the leg, and the misión is to remove pain. Whatever use he may have from his leg is better than none. Without pain, the world is his to gain! He has it all at his feet.
As we struggle to repair many a lost soul, there’s no looking away when Dante was in need.
Please help towards his care by donating!
Appeal for the 112 Carlota Galgos finca
An empty shell, now bricked up, being cemented…a galgos home in the making.
Neizan and Sofia at work. In the corner what will, when funds allow become the quarantine unit. This needs totally remodelling.
Play area and kennel area. Cleaned up and eventually when funds allow, white stones will go down, making the area cleaner.
This kennel just needs a few tweaks here and there to make it podenco safe!
A kennel which needs total refurbishment. One day!
Dioni and Alonso hard at work.

Stumbling upon a Finca with run down kennels
, room to build even more kennels, land, stable, storage space, garden, play area and field.. coupled with a house it seemed to be the perfect opportunity to move the galgos to a place where they can play out, still be trained and socialised on the walks, have everything at hand, and be on call at the same time. I would never consider having the galgos somewhere if there is not the security measure of someone being on the property. The risks are too great.

With the focus at the very heart of 112 Carlota galgos being children and the educational centre, the finca presented itself as potential for this to take place in the future.

So, we agreed to take on the finca, which costs the same as the stables were run at. Here we can take in more galgos, care for them and offer them play time. At the stables I spent every morning and every afternoon walking the galgos. Sometimes dependent on how many we had I would have to go 3 times. Then in the afternoon returning for the same duties again.

The finca has soul, it’s something I felt it from the moment I went to see it.

So.. after some thought WE DID IT! We made the move!!!!!
The kennels/stable area needed work so instantly we started the blocking in of the walls, in order to make the area safe.

We have so many items to purchase:

Green material to cover the fencing
White stones to cover the mud area
Roof tiles
Hose pipes
A new kennel built around an existing one
and.. these are just basic needs to start us up!

We would be very very grateful for your continued support, without such help we cannot reach the Galgos and heal their wounded bodies, broken souls and make them complete again ready for family life.

My deepest thanks…………..In Galgo Affection

Why I Created A Safe Haven For Spanish Greyhounds

At the very heart of 112 Carlota Galgos are Galgos and children. We take very seriously the potential which a child offers for the future. In every aspect of life, the young child is a sponge which absorbs what is around him/her. The very environment in which they grow up in, play in, live in, is what they will replicate as reality and normality. It’s here where change can take place. If we make the care and welfare of an animal normality in a child’s life, it will become their reality.

112 Carlota Galgos goes back to school

Read about the classes that I have been to at local schools to raise awareness of the plight of the Galgo and help the children understand the warmth and love a Galgo can give


The goal for 112 Carlota Galgos and what drives us is the educational centre which is the main aim – to bring about change locally and introduce this breed as a pet; to chat with the children and hold camps. At the centre we will have several small animals and a pony. Here introducing clubs for the children, an advice centre, and a place where the public can visit. It will be an open house and the goal to show people just what it takes to rescue a Galgo, and to home it. It’s here we aim to “raise the Galgo up in society to become a household pet once more!” This, the centre is my goal, my dream and we work towards it bit by bit.

We have many happy endings, even where we have had loss of life. I state this since they have been caressed while closing their eyes and their memory lives on.

Dioni collecting Greta from a life of hell
Charlotte with Suzie & Clara on their daily exercise

To see our adoptions, losses, stories, press releases, adoptions, please stay awhile, read through the site and visit my Blog.

All emails are answered, so please if you have any questions, would like to help or have room in your heart for a Galgo, we would love to hear from you.

In Galgo affection

Charlotte & Ambo Ambasadog!