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Lets talk LEISHMANIA A disease which can ocurr to all canines in Spain. LEISHMANIA. It is a disease relative to the dogs which read as a “negative.. as much as those who read positive.” Leishmania is nothing to be feared ever, its to be understood. In order to treat your leish positive dog. Or your […]

Señor Galguero letter

Señor Galguero! Señor galguero, I sat waiting and waiting today as time passed and my hunger grew. You never came, even though we who are here fear your footsteps. You may just bring us those crumbs of bread which we all have to fight for, even though we wish there was enough for us all. […]


Patas Arriba Canal Sur TV

112carlotagalgos.com – in Patas Arriba Canal Sur TV We had the amazing opportunity of being able to participate in the television program “Patas Arriba” on Canal Sur TV Andalucia. We want to thank Patas Arriba for the opportunity to publicize the particular situation of Libby, a galga that was rescued and who was close to […]

Important Information

Important Information Crates/transportines/benches and galgos Please remember galgos are not greyhounds and come from an entirely different background. Using Transportines/Crates as beds…Many a galgo has been rescued from a severely dark place and time in their life. Many many are rescued from dark small hovels, under ground and in some cases with pallets on the […]

Safety advice

….. Its a promise… of a forever… it doesn’t matter if you’ve had your galgo/pod 3 years, or 3 weeks or 3 days or 3 minutes…. KEEP THEM SAFE. Please. It’s not much to ask…it’s not much to committ to, to do, To just honour them, and keep them safe. Remember 1 lead with 2 […]