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Safety advice

….. Its a promise… of a forever… it doesn’t matter if you’ve had your galgo/pod 3 years, or 3 weeks or 3 days or 3 minutes…. KEEP THEM SAFE. Please. It’s not much to ask…it’s not much to committ to, to do, To just honour them, and keep them safe. Remember 1 lead with 2 […]

Eco Giving

Eco Giving – 112 Carlota Galgos was invited to share in a great scheme of life. Eco Giving is a store who dedicated to planet. Passionate about their products being earthly friendly and animal friendly. They sell vegan, eco friendly products internationally. No matter where you are. It’s great seeing someone like Gary as passionate […]

Essential foods now available in Germany

We are glad to let you know that one of our main partners Essential Foods have open their online shop in Germany.If you are interested to place your order please click HERE ABOUT ESSENTIAL FOODS their diet is called Superior living, and it is highly recommended when your galgo goes home to their forevers they […]

Crowdfunding to help 112 Carlota Galgos

Weʼre raising £2,000 to help 112 Carlotasgalgos continue their amazing work rescuing, rehabilitating & re-homing galgos   Story On April 5th I head off to the Sahara to take part in the Marathon des Sables, often called the toughest foot race on Earth. A week long 250 km race across the desert, temperatures often reach […]


Essential Foods superior living

En 112 Carlota Galgos mientras los perros está bajo nuestro cuidado, consumen una dieta muy saludable de Essential Foods, una dieta completa que se adapta muy bien a los galgos. su dieta se llama “vida superior” y se recomienda encarecidamente especialmente cuando el galgo vaya  a su futura casa para siempre que los galgos puedan […]

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Essential foods superior Living

112 Carlota Galgos while in our care eat a very healthy diet of Essential Foods it is a complete diet which suits the galgos beautifully. their diet is called Superior living, and it is highly recommended Ehat when your galgo goes home to their forevers they continue this diet to keep them well and healthy. […]

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Important Information

Important Information Crates/transportines/benches and galgos Please remember galgos are not greyhounds and come from an entirely different background. Using Transportines/Crates as beds…Many a galgo has been rescued from a severely dark place and time in their life. Many many are rescued from dark small hovels, under ground and in some cases with pallets on the […]

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Lets talk LEISHMANIA A disease which can ocurr to all canines in Spain. LEISHMANIA. It is a disease relative to the dogs which read as a “negative.. as much as those who read positive.” Leishmania is nothing to be feared ever, its to be understood. In order to treat your leish positive dog. Or your […]

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A wonderful Horse Riding Experience

A wonderful Horse Riding Experience For our visitors at 112 Carlotagalgos who love to horse ride or for those who would like to give it a try and experience the noble Spanish horse, you can enjoy the local environment by riding at the local beautiful stables run by Centro Ecuestre Victor Lopez in Alhaurin de la Torre .